Hello there.

I’m Kevin Wu. Currently, a software engineer designing products to help scientists collaborate, and previously, a graduate student at the University of California, San Diego studying biology with Steve Briggs. My research interests span the boundary between computer science and biology. I spend my spare time taking pictures or programming side projects. Sometimes I like to pretend that I know about food. Once upon a time, I really enjoyed lining up colors on the Rubik’s cubing, and my fastest single solve in competition was 15.60s


Graph TV

Visualize TV show ratings using per episode rating data from IMDb. Inspect the ratings for individual episodes and see rating trends for each season.


An arbitrary point tracking software. Points are awarded by at mentioning the ptsfor twitter account and can be given to any twitter account. Point totals are tracked and displayed on the website. Learn more by checking out the help page on the ptsfor site.

Plasmyd (Acquired by Academia.edu, 13/10/23)

A forum intended to enrich online discussion of scientific publications. Claim papers you’ve authored, save ones that you intend to read, and discuss excellent or problematic literature openly and anonymously.