Hello, I'm Kevin Wu.

I'm a software engineer who also likes to learn about design and product. Currently at 10x Genomics working on product driven development of tools that make scientists happy. Previously at Academia.edu which acquired Plasmyd.com, a startup I co-founded. In a past life, studied maize proteomics with Steve Briggs and Justin Walley at UCSD. Sometimes I regret not getting a PhD. I'd like to get back into teaching; feel free to reach out if you have an opportunity.

Projects I Work On In My Spare Time


Visualize IMDb ratings of any TV series. Featured in Wired, Gizmodo, AV Club, Flowing Data, Fast Company, Time, and others. A v2 of this site is "coming soon".

Trying to find a way to monetize these page views so that it pays for it's own hosting costs. Contact me if you sell non-spammy ads or work at Amazon on the affiliate program.

Tessellate  (Code)

Triangles are my favourite shape
Three points where two lines meet
∆ (Alt-J) - Tessellate

Generate tessellated equilateral triangles with pleasant colors onto a canvas. Used to generate the landing graphic above as well as the dividers.

What Would PG Do?

Currently defunct. Search all of Paul Graham's essays and comments on Hacker News for startup related advice. Got called out on TechCrunch and Inc for making something so stupid.

The Day's Sidebar  (Code)

A Chrome new tab page that embeds the most recent Sidebar.io links by Sacha Greif into color inspiration from Nigel Evan Dennis's project, "The Day's Color".

UI Styleguides  (Code)

A curated list of UI styleguides. At Academia.edu, we were trying to come up with a reference of design patterns and UI components to standardize on. This is a list of companies who have made beautiful, public references that I often draw inspiration from.


Hypepy (pronounced hyphy) is an python wrapper around Hype Machine. Has support to fetch playlists and related metadata, but I mostly use it to download music from Hype Machine. Adds metadata and album art so it shows a nice image on my phone.

Still here? More about me.

Came for a resume or CV? Here you go.

I enjoy photography, but my portfolio site needs a redesign and is down for now. In the past I took lining up colors on the Rubik's cube seriously and my fastest single solve in competition was 15.60s.

I'm currently in the process of moving my blog to Medium. Turns out they don't allow you to add custom dates to your articles, so now a bunch of my posts will look like they were on the same day.

If you'd like to contact me, I respond fastest on Twitter, but if it's long form, feel free to email me. Here's a list of brand icons of other websites you can find me on.

Thanks for visiting!