About Me

Hi, I’m Kevin. I’m an engineering leader whose passion is creating software for scientists. I enjoy taking products from zero to one.


Vector Logos

Vector LogosFigma, Github

A Figma plugin that enables searching for and inserting vector versions of logos. 147th most popular plugin with 31k installs (as of Aug 2022).


GraphTV (Complete)

Visualize per-episode ratings of any TV series. AV Club touted that it “revolutionizes arguing about TV”. Also covered in Wired, Gizmodo, Flowing Data, Fast Company, Time, and others.


GitphyChrome, Firefox, Github

Search for and insert GIFs into Github without leaving the textarea. As colleagues have testified, useful for inserting a bit of fun into pull request reviews and issues.



Convert volumetric recipes into mass for maximal baking reproducibility.


randomcolor-pyPyPI, Github

A python package that generates attractive random colors. It sees about ~5.9k monthly downloads and has 256k total downloads (as of Aug 2022).

The Days Sidebar

The Days SidebarChrome, Github

A minimal browser new tab page that embeds the day’s Sidebar.io links into color inspiration from The Day’s Color. Helps me keep up with designs trends and news.

What Would Paul Graham Do?

What Would PG Do? (Complete)

A site where you could search Paul Graham’s essays. Got made fun of by the internet, but what’s life without a bit of levity? The first product I built that had traction. Covered by TechCrunch, Inc, and others.



Releaselog pulls in all of a project’s releases onto a single page so you can use ctrl+f to your heart’s content without dealing with pagnation.


Plasmyd (Acquired)

Collaborate over scientific papers. Think RapGenius for published papers. Read about our our launch on Techcrunch. We were acquired by Academia.edu.


Have an awesome idea you want to hack on with me? Is there an amazing new ramen shop that I need to know about? You can reach me at [email protected] or on Twitter.